In the competitive New York City real estate market, there’s a new “secret weapon” for realtors looking to win over potential clients: personal concierge services. For the city that never sleeps, personal concierge services are the key to providing around-the-clock, 24/7 support to busy New Yorkers planning to move to a new place in the city.

While most people think of personal concierge services as primarily focusing on the day-to-day needs of busy New Yorkers – such as scheduling appointments and picking up the dry cleaning – they can also be used to gain real competitive advantage in the hyper-competitive NYC real estate market. The reality is that realtors are run ragged in most real estate transactions and can really use support. Real estate companies used to have onsite concierge services to assist but budget constraints have cut them out.

As a result, there’s a real opportunity for these concierge services to provide significant value added. For example, by partnering with a personal concierge service, realtors can offer their clients a complete relocation assistance package. This includes an extensive set of services related to packing, moving, decoration and logistics. A personal concierge can help to make a new residence ready for move-in immediately – including setting up utilities and taking care of school registration for children.

Simply stated, every step of the move-in to a new home can become part of a seamless transition process. To the client, the ability to take care of all these details almost seems like “magic.” All the small details of coordination with building management – even down to the use of the freight elevator on moving day – can be handled without any need for the client to get involved. Appliances can be delivered on time, and all the details related to building protocol can also be handled effortlessly.

Keep in mind – clients moving to New York City might need significant help in getting all the details exactly right, especially if they are moving to a luxury co-op or condo building. A high-end concierge like Your Concierge NYC can even arrange something as personal and detailed as a house warming party.

Imagine having a flawless and completely seamless moving process that you can offer as a perk to clients. That’s right – in some cases, realtors can pick up the costs of services as a value-added item and inducement to use them as realtor.

That creates a very compelling value proposition. People in today’s world want “easy.” In NYC, though, everything is harder to do. Transportation can be a challenge. Most people want things delivered. Parking is difficult. People want services and can afford them.

In short, buying, selling and moving in New York City can be completely overwhelming if not done right. With the services of Your Concierge NYC, the experience can become completely “turn-key.” That’s a strong incentive for clients, and a great way for realtors to show clients that they are completely focused on every aspect of their real estate needs.